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    When producing pipelines in the industrial sector, two key aspects come into play: the quality of the weld seams and the cost of producing them. It is a fact that the effort required for adjusting and welding processes far outweighs the cost of fittings. Intelligent details such as easy to fit can help here.

    With easy to fit, weld seam preparation takes place at the plant, which means the fitting slots easily and precisely onto the processed pipe on the construction site – a great time saver. The need for adjusting work – which has so often been required in the past – is therefore eliminated. The precise connection between the fitting and pipe also meets the prerequisites for orbital welding. The main advantages of an easy to fit seam include:

    • Over 50% reduction in the total time and costs required to produce the weld seam
    • Saving on filler metal
    • Reliability, reproducibility and thus process stability
    • No loss of forming gas

    With easy to fit, pipe connections enjoy increased process reliability and can be worked on in a more cost-effective manner. The cost of a fitting is one thing; the benefit for the project – and your success – is quite another.

    A success story detailing the use of easy to fit products in waste heat boilers from Bertsch Energy is available under Downloads.

    If you have any further questions, please get in touch with your Erne contact or send us an e-mail.