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  • EN 10253-4 – Erne Fittings


    For many years, as part of a tradition at the TUBE, we are happy to provide information about recent and upcoming changes in standardization.

    Significant changes in the EN 10253-2:2021 compared to the 2007 edition, as well as the current draft of EN 10253-4 compared to the existing 2008 edition:

    • Adaptation of the structures EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4.
    • Update of normative references. Dated references are now used (requirement of the EU Commission).
    • Update of chemical and mechanical requirements based on related pipe standards.
    • Introduction of the test concept TC2, analogous to the pipe standards.
    • Adaptation of dimensions and partly also of tolerances of EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4.
    • Adaptation of the marking regulations of EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4.
    • Standardization of wall thicknesses in pressure factor tables (Type A), and required wall thicknesses (Type B) between EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4.
    • Update of Appendix ZA to adapt to the new EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
    • The numbering of the options has changed. Be careful when ordering!

    The new EN 10253-2:2021 has not yet been referenced as a harmonized standard in the Official Journal of the EU. This means that only the old edition of EN 10253-2:2007 is currently considered to be harmonized with the Pressure Equipment Directive. The installation of fittings according to EN 10253-2:2007 is therefore still advisable for manufacturers of pressure equipment.

    In order to meet current requirements and be prepared for the future, ERNE currently offers double certification EN 10253-2:2007 and EN 10253-2:2021.

    EN 10253-4 was also revised, and the draft was accepted in the final vote. However, some countries (Italy, Finland, Sweden) have lodged an appeal with CEN against ratification as an EN standard due to concerns from some manufacturers. The draft was then revised again by the working group and a new draft is now available. After another final vote, the new standard could possibly appear at the beginning of 2023.