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    160 days of construction, nearly 54,000 square feet of space, and an investment of 5.1 million EURO: Those are the key figures behind our new production facility on Josef-Erne-Straße, which was completed in early 2018. 

    To process customer orders more effectively and continue to increase the efficiency of our production processes, we decided in the spring of 2017 to expand our production facility in Schlins by another 54,000 square feet. Now the new buildings have been completed and production is running at full speed.

    The new heat treatment center has space for up to four annealing furnaces. Currently, two furnaces are in operation with a capacity of up to five metric tons. The third furnace will be installed in early 2019. It is larger than the two currently in place, and allows for a maximum weight of eight metric tons. With this furnace in place, we will be able to heat-treat R=3D pipe elbows up to 48″ in diameter and with a wall thickness of 32 mm.

    The infrastructure for quenching and cooling products after hot forming has also been updated. The new quench tank for large pipe elbows holds over 32,000 gallons of water and can be cooled to 57°F through the use of groundwater. In addition, a new stacking crane has been installed with a load capacity of eight metric tons and a processing speed that is three times faster. 

    With the addition of these new buildings, we’re now able to bring our two production facilities together in one place. The short distances that come with a compact production layout will allow us to reduce the time from pipe to completed elbow. Our goal is to move all of our activities in Schlins to the new facility over the next few years.

    Erne News 02/2018