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    Erne Fittings is meeting the ever-growing need for EN gas pipeline construction. Together with our partner of many years, Piping-Service Steuer Handelsgesellschaft mbH, we are supporting the transmission system operator ONTRAS in their restoration of the gas pipeline known as FGL-32. For this project, approximately 300 high-precision and technically sophisticated BA10 (R=5D) elbows with a nominal diameter of DN500 (20″) were delivered.

    ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH operates the second-longest transmission network in Germany, with about 450 network connection points and 4350 miles of pipeline. The transmission system operator is responsible for safe and efficient operation of pipeline networks in the states that were historically part of East Germany. Among other responsibilities, this includes the restoration of the FGL-32 pipeline in the states of Saxony and Thuringia, for which nearly 45 miles of pipeline were completely replaced and investments were made in pigging stations. 

    Segmentable elbows of the type used in the FGL-32 pipeline are usually manufactured with an induction bending process. However the Hamburg mandrel bending process used by Erne Fittings offers significant advantages in terms of the dimensional accuracy of these components. Placing the bending tool inside the pipe allows us to provide consistent precision in wall thickness, ovality, and inside diameter over the entire body of the fitting. The tools designed by Erne Fittings are constantly being improved to ensure that its components show minimal deviation in terms of inside diameter and ovality.

    This ensures minimal edge misalignment between the elbow and the pipe it connects to, resulting in optimal piggability, the ability to segment the elbow right at the job site, and easy and efficient weldability. That means a significant reduction in welding time, which in turn contributes to reduced costs. Our high-precision elbow manufacturing process minimizes the need for additional calibrations later on. The components are not subjected to any further mechanical stresses, which has a positive effect on segmentability and piggability.

    ONTRAS visited our factory to get an upclose look at the advantages of the mandrel bending process. At the end of their visit, technicians from ONTRAS, Piping and Erne Fittings engaged in a lively discussion about the increasing demands of gas pipeline construction that explicitly confirmed once again that the mandrel bending process used by Erne Fittings is an ideal way to achieve the strict tolerances in gas pipeline construction.

    Erne News 02/2018