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  • ALEXANDER HEIMBECK – Erne Fittings


    Senior Sales Manager Nuclear Power – with Erne Fittings since 2017

    In 2017, Alexander Heimbeck moved from Düsseldorf, Germany to Vorarlberg, Austria to work for Erne Fittings. More recently, in September 2020 he was appointed as the responsible person for Erne Fittings’ nuclear business. We spoke to him about how things are going after more than 3 years in the company, and how he is finding his new role.

    What have you been doing at Erne Fittings so far?

    I was in charge of markets for China, Korea, Japan and Russia as well as the worldwide nuclear market, and in doing so I laid the foundations for today’s independent departement.

    What are your tasks as Senior Sales Manager Nuclear Power at Erne Fittings?

    Primarily it is about the sale of products that are installed in nuclear power plants. With Erne’s membership in GNMS (Global Nuclear Metal Supply), a consortium of European premium manufacturers in the nuclear sector, we have a broad network of sales channels, bundled and coordinated by GNMS.

    Since there are no other application fields with such high demands on quality, processes and documentation, I am busy constantly improving these requirements . This happens in close cooperation with our quality manager. In the meantime, we have established an excellent position here in Europe, and especially in France.

    Why do you work for Erne Fittings? 

    Fittings have always been my favorite product, and my dream of someday working for a manufacturer has come true. I have never regretted this change. Despite difficult times, and due to the current situation in Europe caused by the coronavirus, Erne stands behind its employees and sees clear opportunities that will arise again after the crisis has passed. There was no halt to investment in the nuclear sector, so we continued to work meticulously here. 

    How do you like it in your new adopted home after more than 3 years?

    I can only repeat it: Vorarlberg is really great! Everybody made me feel welcome immediately, both at Erne and in general, so I felt right at home from my first day here. The people in Vorarlberg are very friendly and helpful. My wife and I have a large group of friends here. The cohesion in general, and during the crisis has been very close and you can rely on each other.

    Thank you for talking with us.

    Erne News V02 / 2018 – updated 01-2021